Fire and Tassels, Game of Thrones fan fiction Burlesque

Fire and Tassels, Game of Thrones fan fiction Burlesque

Fire and Tassels, Game of Thrones fan fiction Burlesque

Columbia City Theater

Friday, 21 April 2017, 19:00

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April is on the horizon and with it comes a craving for fire and blood. Except this year the season opens in June. Winter has indeed arrived and what better way to quench that craving than a Game of Thrones burlesque show? How about a show that focuses on GOT fan theories. Fire and Tassels is a burlesque event full of acts focused on what hasn’t happened yet. Who knows there may be spoilers, what we do know is that this show is full of local, national, and international performers.

Do you have a theory on what will happen to Jon Snow? Who will take the Iron Throne? Do Asha and Daenerys ever kiss? Will Arya complete her list? Will the sun rise in the west?! HOLD THE DOOR, we might have answers for you, but without a ticket you will know nothing.
Join us on April 21st-22nd at the historic Columbia City Theater for an evening of foreshadowing, prophesies, and drinking. For if you see this show, you will drink and know things no one else can know.

Performances by:
Angelique DeVil
Candy Apples
Hyacinth Lee
Maggie McMuffin
Miss Violet Deville
Morgue Anne
Onyx Asili
Ruby Darling
Shakim Leckie
Vox Fabuli Puppets
Whisper De Corvo

$25 general seating
$200 VIP table
Night 1:
Night 2:

Doors: 6:30pm
Show: 7:00pm

Sponsor List:
Hyden Studio and Apothecary
The Sunday Night Shuga Shaq
Dr.Sketchys Seattle
ShimmerShire Creations
Pleiades Apothecary

Murder Apples Productions is the collaboration between Gossamerwing Productions (Goblins and Glitter, Honoring, Winterwood, Hogswatch Night) and Candy Apples presents!

Columbia City Theater

4916 Rainier Ave S, 98118 Seattle, United States

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