Yorkshire Teaparty MIXlist

Yorkshire Teaparty MIXlist

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Yorkshire Teaparty MIXlist

Many Places

Monday, 30 March 2020, 00:00

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Dear members or possible members of http://www.facebook.com/groups/YorkshireTeaParty/

This isn't a real event... I hope I didn't get anyone's hopes up too much there. As you've probably noticed we've had a bit of a problem with too many posts on the wall of the group which inevitably means people will be turning notifications off and will result in folk not finding out about things that they should be.

so... while we'd appreciate if people who are putting night club nights on didn't take advantage of a group of people brought together by enthusiasm for the free stuff, we certainly dont want to stop you from sharing your creativity!

If you have tunes/mixes that you'd like to share pls put a link up in here instead of on the group wall, that way when people want something new to listen to they can look here :)

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Many Places

Camperhat,Raipur,Lakshmpiur, CA10 2 Dhaka, Bangladesh

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