Japanese Tea Ceremony with Mitaka Locals! (POSTPONED)

Japanese Tea Ceremony with Mitaka Locals! (POSTPONED)

Japanese Tea Ceremony with Mitaka Locals! (POSTPONED)

International Christian University

Saturday, 17 June 2017, 10:00

Event Details

EDIT: Due to scheduling difficulties, we must postpone this event until further notice. Note that the date provided is NOT official: we will provide the correct date when we have it worked out. Thanks!

Great news, everyone! Glocal MItaka and Compli Tokyo decided to team up and organize a Tea Ceremony event for foreign students and locals!

The main concept of the event is to connect local residents with international students through a Japanese Cultural Experience, which will enable the local community to rediscover its cultural heritage and create an open dialogue with people of entirely different backgrounds and ways of life.
Local Residents will be individuals outside of ICU Community.

NOTE: Due to the nature of this event, we can only accept 7 more international students from ICU, so be sure to sign up as soon as possible!

Outline of Event:
Date & Time: Sunday.28.May 10AM-1PM
Venue: ICU Dialogue House 2F Meeting Room
Fee: 700 yen
What we will be doing is conducting a short informational session on the cultural significance of the tea ceremony, discussing how it is done and what should be taken away from it. Then we will be facilitating a fun workshop where participants get to make and design their own wagashi sweets (we will be ordering kits to make it more straightforward), after which the Tea Ceremony will begin, and people can enjoy their sweets and the tea. Throughout this whole experience, we will strongly encourage participants to converse and interact with individuals they don't know (we anticipate that the international students will try to group together), stepping out of their comfort zones and forming new bonds that they never anticipated before. And in addition, it will provide an enriching, low-key and relaxing break from school studies and work responsibilities for those involved.

Some Things to Note:
-For the tea ceremony, we will be kneeling/sitting on woven tatami mats, which will be very uncomfortable for people wearing shorts. It is highly recommended that participants wear jeans or some other long pants to act as a cushion.
-Wagashi is typically made with rice and sweet red bean paste, so people with allergies to such foods might consider not participating.
-It is not a requirement to know Japanese for this event (although it might be helpful); there will be facilitators there to help out if needed.

International Christian University

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