Using ADWORDS Managed Placements

If you know of our website that your customers visit, consider adding us as a managed placement. If your typical customer spends a lot of time on and you want your ads to appear there, add it as a managed placement.

Remember, placements can be one of two types: managed placements or automatic placements.

How to add managed placements

You can add placements to ad groups in your Display Network campaigns. To do so, your campaign must target the Display Network, which includes "Search Network with Display Select" campaigns.

Make conversions by retargeting.

Adding managed placements
  • 1.Sign in to your AdWords account at
  • 2.Click the Campaigns tab at the top, and choose the campaign you want to edit.
  • 3.Go to your Display Network tab and click + Targeting, which is located above the graph.
  • 4.Select an ad group.
  • 5.Click the "Add targeting" drop-down menu and select "Placements." Type in the name or URL ( ) of the placement where you'd like the ads in this ad group to show.
  • 6.Click Close and then Save to add the placements to your ad group.

Happy advertising!