DNX Camp - Lemnos, Greece 2018

DNX Camp - Lemnos, Greece 2018

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DNX Camp - Lemnos, Greece 2018

Limnos Island, Greece

Friday, 22 June 2018, 10:00

Event Description

Why should I join?
Do you want to work location independent from the most beautiful places in the world? Do you want to build up your own online business but can’t find any supportive people around you?

Well, join us!
The DNX CAMP in Lemnos will be perfect for you!
10 days of coliving, coworking, workshops, networking, fun activities, sports and personal growth. Meet interesting and exciting people from our unique DNX COMMUNITY, work and play together. Live a healthy lifestyle, get inspired by the awesome DNX spirit and take your business to the next level!
You will spend your time with other digital nomads in an awesome location surrounded by sun, sea and beautiful beaches. And you will find incredible motivation and inspiration for your online business!

Sounds great to you?
✔︎ Meet new people. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with
✔︎ Be part of the DNX movement and our awesome community > We shape the future of work
✔︎ Start your business or take your business to the next level
✔︎ Live a healthy lifestyle
✔︎ Grow personally
✔︎ Learn new skills
✔︎ Escape the city
✔︎ Get inspired and creative in this amazing environment

What about the business program?
Barcamp style: The camp will host a series of talks and workshops by and with participants.
We will also host a Mastermind Day, you will have goal checkins and you will be working with a goal buddy on your personal and business goals.

A typical day - What to expect
✔︎ Start the day with morning yoga sessions
✔︎ Delicious and healthy buffet breakfast
✔︎ Work and Play!
✔︎ Network and expand your connections
✔︎ Join workshops, Think Tanks, etc…
✔︎ Attend talks from key speakers or host your own talk
✔︎ Go on the ocean for a kite- or windsurfing session or learn kite-/windsurfing
✔︎ Have fun with lots of other inspiring and like-minded people
✔︎ Swing in the hammock
✔︎ Repeat above until you feel hungry or thirsty

Can we have some fun?
Lemnos offers a range of fun water sports and recreational activities.
You can get relaxing massages, enjoy bike trips & excursions, kayaking and stand up paddling. You can try out sponge diving, snorkeling, make trips to archeological sites and watch the wild birds, including flamingos.
You can do sailing trips to nearby islands on a sailing boat or beach games like beachball or slackline. And you can even experience sand duning in the desert. Yes, there is a desert on the island too!

Where do I sleep?
On the beach...:). No. We set up a camp at Keros beach on the beautiful laid-back Greek island Lemnos in the Mediterranean Sea. You will be lodged in luxury 2- or 4-person tents. You have an ocean view from the camp and the location is a real gem with a very special spirit. The camp is located next to a small village.
We love small places with a unique vibe, which is why Lemnos is the perfect DNX location.

What is included in the price?
✔︎ 10 days DNX CAMP
✔︎ 9-night accommodation
✔︎ Delicious and healthy breakfast buffet every morning, also with vegan options
✔︎ DNX talks, workshops and mastermind day to take your business to the next level
✔︎ Day trip on the beautiful and unspoiled island of Lemnos
✔︎ DNX Community (priceless)
✔︎ All Day: Free drinking water
✔︎ Daily Yoga sessions

You wanna join?
All Infos: www.dnxcamp.com/digital-nomad-camp-lemnos-greece-2018/

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Limnos Island, Greece

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